Toys Are For Kids Trophy / Achievement (There, You'll Be Much Warmer Now) - Little Nightmares 2

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To the point and easy to follow Toys Are For Kids Trophy Tutorial.

Trophy Description: There, you'll be much warmer now.

To obtain the trophy you need to burn a stuffed animal in Chapter 3 while wearing the bear hat.
The bear hat can be found in Chapter 3 in the room next to the X-ray machine.
Equip the bear hat.
Pick up the stuffed animal next to the cabinet and carry it into the elevator.
Put the stuffed animal in the furnace and pull down the lever to burn it.

All Collectibles video guides for each chapter

Chapter 1 - Wilderness:
Chapter 2 - School:
Chapter 3 - Hospital:
Chapter 4 - Pale City:

Little Nightmares 2 Trophies & Achievements

Primetime Content Consumer [Platinum]
Your life is now free of challenges. Congratulations

Foraged [Silver]
Nature is a terrifying thing

Schooled [Silver]
Best days of our short, terrible life

Hospitalised [Silver]
Are you sure you don't need any further... treatments?

Paled [Silver]
Life in the big city is all over

Signal interruption [Gold]
It's all over now

No More Remains [Gold]
Nothing of us remains anywhere. Bravo!

Far Ahead [Gold]
Hats are very important to some people

Evasive prey [Silver]
Not today!

Half hat [Bronze]
It would be cliché to collect them all

How Do I Look? [Bronze]
Perfect! It's so... you!

In The Palm Of My Hand [Silver]
Hold tight and we'll be just fine

Toys Are For Kids [Bronze]
There, you'll be much warmer now

Popcorn [Silver]
Movie night on the ward - all taken care of!

Hunger [Bronze]
Plenty of snacks for a growing boy

X Best Friends [Bronze]
I see through you...

...And Stay Dead! [Bronze]
Better to be safe than sorry

Objection [Silver]
Some holes are more picky than others

First do no harm [Bronze]
It's crueller to let him live

Sick Kids [Silver]
Nothing of us remains in the hospital

Post Industrial [Silver]
You punctuated someone's day. Maybe they'll notice!

Unladylike [Silver]
Hello, have we met?

Pale Kids [Silver]
Nothing of us remains in the pale city

Referee! [Bronze]
Unorthodox, but they all count!

Mono Tones [Bronze]
My, what a curious song you play!

Bully of Bullies [Silver]
Creative, efficient, brutal. Top of the class!

Fly Free [Bronze]
Rebellion at its finest!

True Colours [Bronze]
You never know when you need protection from the elements

School Kids [Silver]
Nothing of us remains at the school

Fair Prey [Bronze]
It's not murder if they're bad people... is it?

Wild Kids [Silver]
Nothing of us remains in the wilderness

Twenty-Six [Bronze]
Relax, she heard you!

Medicine ball [Bronze]
Any other last requests?

What's in the box?! [Bronze]
What did you expect to see in there?

Merciful feat [Bronze]
Tempting, so tempting...
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