Honduran Kids Receive First Toys | Aerial Recovery Group Mission

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On our most recent trip, Aerial Recovery Group distributed school supplies in three villages in Honduras. In addition to getting the school back online after the damage from the hurricanes, thanks to the generous donations we received, we were able to give almost 200 children toys, some of them receiving their first toy ever.

Our team was greeted by every person in the village and the kids were beyond overjoyed. There were dances and homemade gifts designed to thank us - but there was nothing more rewarding than the joy on their faces. It was a needed reminder that it doesn’t take a lot to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Kindness is free - so, start there.

Aerial Recovery Group deployed to Honduras for its third mission from March 13 -23. While the November hurricanes may seem like a distant past to most, people in Honduras are still feeling the major effects from these category four storms. Even months later, hundreds of displaced families are living under tarps in the median of the highway, after whole villages were destroyed back in November. The country has made progress on revitalization and redevelopment, but there is still so much more that needs to be done to get Honduras back on its feet.

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Natural disasters are taking place at a higher and more extreme rate than ever before. In order to get through these disasters, there must be a plan.

Strategic preparation, organization in response, as well as intelligent recovery and redevelopment management can lead to affected nations coming out even stronger on the other side of disasters.

Our mission is to save lives, eliminate confusion, maximize support, accelerate recovery. Please take a look at some of our partners, without them this mission would not have been possible.

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