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Bogar Organics
You can order products from Bogar Organics through the below-mentioned links:



WhatsApp: +91-6369999043

About Bogar:
Bogar Organics produces 100% natural, homemade range of products in hair care and skin care. Here is the list of all their produces:

Hair Care Product Range:
- Hair oil for hair growth (Rs 250 per 100 grams)
- Hair oil for anti-dandruff (Rs 250 per 100 grams)
- Hair oil with carrot and ginger extracts (Rs 290 per 100 grams)
- Brown, Black or Burgundy Henna Hair Packs (Rs 150 per 100 grams)
- Pure Henna Powder (Rs 120 per 100 grams)
- Pure Indigo Leaf Powder (Rs 130 per 100 grams)
- Pure Hibiscus Flower Powder (Rs 175 per 100 grams)
- Herbal Henna Hair Pack for Hair Growth (Rs 250 per 100 grams)
(Personal Customization Available)
- Neem Wooden Comb - Rs 145

Skin Care Products:
- Women/Men/Kids Bath Powder (Rs 150 per 100 grams)
- Face Pack Powders - Instant Glow (Rs 250 per 100 grams)
- Face Pack Powder - Acne or Scar Removal (Rs 200 per 100 grams)
- Face Pack Powder - Facial Hair Removal (Rs 150 per 100 grams)
- Face Pack Powder - Almond and Orange Detan
- Face Scrub - Coffee Face & Body Scrub (Rs 120 per 50 grams)
- Face Scrub - Herbal Face & Body Scrub (Rs 120 per 50 grams)

- Kumkumadi Skin Elixir Cream (Rs 199 per 50 grams)
- Under Eye Serum (Rs 145 per 10 grams)
- Pure Orange Peel Powder (Rs 145 per 100 grams)
- Pure Rose Petal Powder (Rs 180 per 100 grams)

Advantage for our subscribers:
If you are a subscriber of our channel "Simply Sowmya", you will get 10% discount on all products you buy from Bogar Organics. Please tell them that you got to know about Bogar products through our channel in order to get this discount.

In this video, I've shared my recent Chennai silks shopping experience. Do watch, like, share and subscribe!
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